A Random Thought..._

I feel like I shouldn't have had to spend an hour searching for this stupid change in Docker 20.10. I get that people reasonably think that it's a positive change for security (which people will likely promptly turn off) but either Debian or Docker (or both) dropped the ball because it broke every single one of my deployments and I had to go figure out why by searching. Nothing obvious in systemd's journal, nothing obvious in syslog, just cryptic ass OpenSSL errors. The documentation wasn't updated anywhere obvious, certainly not the daemon's help text (dockerd --help), or the manpage (dockerd(8)), or the canonical release notes. Setting --tlsverify=false even being a thing was something I had to infer from the PR. I guess 'not being able to use the API' counts as secure at least. 🙄
12/16/2020 @19:29