A Random Thought..._

“It is a fairly specific workflow that is a challenge for some newer developers to engage with. As an example, my partner submitted a patch to OpenBSD a few weeks ago, and he had to set up an entirely new mail client which didn’t mangle his email message to HTML-ise or do other things to it, so he could even make that one patch. That’s a barrier to entry that’s pretty high for somebody who may want to be a first-time contributor.” https://www.theregister.com/2020/08/25/linux_kernel_email/ I'm skeptical of the quality of a developer that cannot install and configure an e-mail client so perhaps the barrier to entry is in fact useful. Operating system development is difficult and nuanced and has very real risks if you do it wrong. The infamous Apple "goto fail;" comes to mind.
08/26/2020 @09:36