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Over the years I have written many different things in various languages. Largely Python and bash and they almost all are done to a point that they Work For Me ™, but may or may not work for you. They are all available in my git repository but for ease of discovery I will call a few out here.

AtmelAVR Projects

Largely written in C, various microcontroller projects live here. They include some low level drivers for a couple of interesting chips like the PCA9633 PWM driver, the SSD1322 OLED display driver, the W5100 Ethernet chip and the APA102C RGB LED. Most are written for the Atmel AVR family of microcontrollers, however I have been thinking about starting to work with the ARM cored chips as well.


A collection of largely useless, esoteric toys wrapped into Docker containers. The README in the repo has descriptions of each and there are blog posts about the YouTube downloader, microcontroller compilers, and old browsers that might provide some more insight on them..

Simple Gallery

Written in Python, this is the generator for the image and video gallery on this site. I wrote it to remove the need for a database that has infected all the major gallery applications. You can find it here.


This is a collection of trivial utilities and configurations for various commands. Every now and then I show them off to people so I have them in git to make that easy. Find them here.


Mostly written in shell, with some Python this repository contains a bit of everything. From the code that backs up my iTunes library, flips images in squid to screw with people on my guest WiFi, to a script that logs into your NetApp controller and prints out some system information (like screenfetch). If it is too random to warrant its own repository, you will find it here.

There is a bit more, some old, some still loved. If you have the inclination feel free to head on over to and check it out.