Various blog generator updates and a dear lazyweb ask_

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September 07, 2019 @19:30

So over the last few days I've done a bunch of work on the software that generates the website. It has remained mostly the same since I originally wrote it with the exception of a small refactoring when I moved the publishing workflow over to Docker. After looking at the timing metrics I decided that the various index pages get too damn big even with only 15 articles per page. They often take several seconds to get to DOM Interactive, which... is stupid.

I also updated the my waybackify plugin (which is based loosely on this) to ping the wayback machine with links in a new article so that in 2 years when it changes the links in a post over to wayback machine links there is a good chance the page will be available. Sadly the wayback machine doesn't cache video so I also made a really flailing attempt to detect broken Youtube videos and replace them with placeholders. You can see an example in my post about the now (sadly) defunct BR9732 project.

Anyway, the tl;dr ask is if you find something broken won't you let me know? There is a handy contact me link on the footer of basically every page.

Now, onto the question dear lazyweb. How do people actually discover blogs these days? Do people? There still has to be some interesting content out there outside of the walled gardens of social media, right?

My RSS reader will thank you for suggestions. Slam that contact link below.

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