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November 28, 2010 @02:58
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The hardest thing about vacations is coming back home and getting used to returning to the daily routines. I had a fantastic time in California as has come to be expected by now. There are a few new pictures over in the gallery. The highlights were the AOPA Summit in Long Beach and the spirit tasting and pairing at the St George Spirits distillery in Alameda. I had a fantastic two weeks visiting with wonderful friends, eating more than my share of awesome food (Izzy's steakhouse has my vote for best steak ever and Gather in Berkley for best healthy meal ever) drinking my share of delicious wine, beer and spirits and got to take in more of California, which is never a bad thing.

I managed to get away from the AOPA Summit only spending a few hundred dollars (resisting the urge to buy a Bose A20, somehow). I took in two extremely good and interesting panels, one on flying in and around Mexico and the other on FedEx Flight 705 by the co-pilot who was on board that day. It was a harrowing tale and I think I will always remember it. It is another affirmation that the idea of becoming a pilot is a dream that I cannot wait to finally fulfill.

It is always a good feeling getting away from home and spending time in different places. I don't think that I shall ever lose the joy of traveling, but I am certainly going to try as hard as I can to wear myself out.

Now that I am back home the weather here has of course turned cold and I am having to fight the urge to just curl up and hide from it. I am hoping that the weather stays good enough so that I can continue my flight training.

I have logged 11 hours of dual received so far and nearly 50,000 miles aboard United in the last two years, over 25,000 this year, qualifying me for Elite status. All in all a good time.

Next year my two closest friends will be moving into his first house, and getting married respectively. If all goes well I will be visiting another friend in Japan and of course I will have to find time to fit in another trek to Australia to see my dear sister and brother-in-law, Pennsic, and whatever else comes across my plate.

Surfing Safety, traveling lightly.

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