Sonos Music Library NAS error 900_

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April 14, 2017 @16:08

I have been going through my ~/TODO list recently and I have meant to figure out why my Sonos indexing has been failing lately. I sync my iTunes Library from my Time Machine backups into a shared space on my NAS so other things can get to it without having to have my Mac on.

I tried to re-add the UNC path and it would consistently return error 900.

Google wasn't helpful at all on what error 900 actually meant.

So I cranked up debugging on samba and this came across:

No protocol supported !

I had recently disabled SMB1 on my NAS but didn't realize that change coincided with my indexing failures.

So tl;dr, it looks like Sonos uses SMB1 to connect to your NAS, so make sure that you leave it enabled.

Dear Sonos... please use a newer version of SMB... SMB1 is terrible.

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