Seriously Apple?_

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November 02, 2017 @20:48

Wherein I feel like I am the product again...

So lets do a little thought experiment.

So, you have this distribution channel that is the only way to (for normal people at least) install software on a device they claim to have sold to you.

Ignoring how completely despicable that premise is... you would think that at least for the appearance that they actually mean that whole "Unlike our $competitor, you aren't the product" stuff, perhaps they might not try to squeeze every single plug nickel out of you.

It is not shocking in the least, but at the same time I find it both disappointing and a bit offensive when this happens:

Ads in the App Store, iOS 11.1, iPhone 7

Now, I don't know for sure if this is new in iOS 11.1, though I suspect it is. It seems to happen in a way that has slipped past my network-wide ad-blocking filters, and when you add it to the rather horrific application discovery experience that is the App Store in general the whole thing just smells of a really ill advised money grab.

"Hey, finding an app you might like on the App Store sucks, how do
we fix that?"

"Oh, simple, we don't and we charge people to promote their apps in
search results and stuff in the App Store!"

"Brilliant!  Get this man a raise!"

print("\(thing) sucks, but everything else sucks more.")

let thing = "Apple"

Double Face-palm

I'm sure Steve Jobs would be so proud.

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