Serious Apple Security Flaw in the wild_

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January 28, 2019 @21:01

Why are you a green bubble?

People often ask me why I have so much of the features of my phones turned off. My iPhone has iCloud, Siri, FaceTime and iMessage all firmly disabled and have since I originally setup the phone, my Mac has never signed into iCloud, and my Android phone has just about everything including Google Play Services disabled. My personal philosophy is that if it doesn't provide me with value, I disable it.


I will just leave this here

Add in all the lock screen bypass bugs and the fact that Apple still won't keep HomeKit turned off properly and I have to wonder why anyone involved in technology trusts any of this crap.

This is how you get ants

So I'm just going to leave this here so I can link it the next time someone asks me why I'm a green bubble.

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