Matthew Ernisse

February 25, 2020 @17:34

So DNS over HTTPS is coming to Firefox. For most people this is certainly a good thing. When I worked for a national ISP in around 2008 they started snooping DNS queries and sending them off to various ad networks and inserted those stupid advertising laden search pages into user's sessions instead of returning the correct and proper NXDOMAIN response when you mistyped a URL. There were executives which were very pleased with this extra revenue stream and got large bonuses as a result. This was over a decade ago so I can only imagine how this has gotten worse. DNS over HTTPS (and also DNS over TLS) makes this impossible, which is good.

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September 03, 2019 @21:48

Every now and then I decide to throw one of Apple's betas on one of my devices. This time I've been running the iPadOS beta on my iPad Air Generation 3 since the public preview started for 13.0. I like a lot of the features (ok, mostly dark mode) but as is the case with most of the betas there have been a few bumps along the way. The most notable is the behavior of the Home Control privacy setting that I noted back in the iOS 11.0 and iOS 11.2 releases.

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January 28, 2019 @21:01

Why are you a green bubble?

People often ask me why I have so much of the features of my phones turned off. My iPhone has iCloud, Siri, FaceTime and iMessage all firmly disabled and have since I originally setup the phone, my Mac has never signed into iCloud, and my Android phone has just about everything including Google Play Services disabled. My personal philosophy is that if it doesn't provide me with value, I disable it.

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Original: October 31, 2018 @21:50
Edited: August 15, 2019 @21:00

Getting Started

Tor in Containers

I have been looking for reasons to try Docker on one of the random stack of un-used Raspberry Pis that I have laying around and thought it might be fun to build a little travel router. Somehow that morphed into lets get Tor working on here and then well if I can get a client, and a relay, why not an onion service?

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