A quick bitch about the iOS 14.5 Podcasts App_

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Original: May 02, 2021 @23:00 Edited: June 09, 2021 @09:45

I've always been fairly adamant that unless the built-in application for core mobile device functionality (things like contacts, calendar, phone dialer, SMS messenger, e-mail, camera, photos, music playback) is unfit for purpose that I would use it. A lot of it comes from a long history of third party applications just never being quite as well integrated as first party and my reliance on these functions. I have very few apps on my phone and other than SMS messaging the most often used is the Podcast app. Sadly iOS 14.5 seems to have opted to replace the podcast app with something no one bothered to use or test.

The root problem is that upon upgrade it seems to have reset the played status of most of the podcasts I have subscribed to. They also don't provide a way to mass edit the episodes so you get to swipe on each and every one. This is inane enough but of course they have to generate a pretty screen based on the art for each episode, so the whole UI takes the better part of a second to update and load the next episode in the list. This is of course a colossal waste of time when you have nearly a thousand episodes to mark as listened to.

Thanks guys. This is very nearly crossing the line into unfit for purpose territory.

Edit - ...one more thing

Wondering why all your podcast episodes are out of order now? Don't worry, Apple has created a new fresh default you didn't know you needed and applied it to all your podcasts for you! Enjoy unchecking it for each. I sure did. As an aside, dear lazyweb, can someone make a better podcast app that isn't also trying to be an app store and a social network with a podcast app hung on the side? Thanks.
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