Night Cross Country, Complete!_

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May 03, 2013 @11:47
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Last night was a perfect night to fly. No clouds, clear, nice strong wind from the south to help us scoot home.


The mission: fly down to Hornell, land, then do some landings at Rochester and then scoot home. All went very well, I got down to Canandaigua, intercepted the Geneseo VOR, made my turn towards Dansville and got into Hornell right on time from my pre-flight planning. Not bad. It was nice to get away from the city (Rochester) and the massive light pollution. Other than a near-miss of some form of bird on final for Hornell it worked out great.

Chalk up another new to me airport in the book.


Airports I have visited as a student pilot as of 5/3/2013

The fun part was getting back to Rochester. Their tower is currently being run out of a construction trailer so they don't have weather or radar on the field, approach and departure controllers are handling that duty. Runway 7 (the one they usually use for little planes like me) was closed thanks to a broken down C-17 aircraft. Oh yeah and did I mention the rotating beacon is out of service?

Airports may look really lit up from the ground but they are actually large black spots in a sea of lights from the air... The rotating beacon (flashes green / white) lets visual pilots find the field in the giant pile of nothingness.

So ok, we finally found the airport after faffing around a bit and then the bloody landing light went poof.

Imagine trying to drive your car through rural roads without headlights.



Looking down Rochester Airport Runway 4

So we managed to get in and out of Rochester with a few little... navigational issues (hard to find taxiways in the dark with no light...) and then finished up by getting the rest of the night landings I needed back home at Sodus.

Up next... FAA written exam!

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