My Favorite Podcasts 2018 Edition_

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December 26, 2018 @14:52


Favorite Podcasts 2018 Last year I wrote about my favorite podcasts so I figured I'd do the same this year. In no particular order, though I will call out the ones that I'm still listening to first.

Still Listening

I have about 20 podcasts on my iPhone right now, but more than half are sitting there waiting to be listened to. Digging out of the backlog of some of these podcasts is quite the epic task.

King Falls AM

Though they have been on hiatus between seasons for a good part of the last few months this is still one of the few podcasts that I stay up to date with. It is epic. If you enjoy audio dramas, listen to this. I can't state enough how awesome this podcast is. 📻

Troy Hunt's Weekly Update Podcast

I wrote a good synopsis of this last year, and it all still holds. This is one of my touchstones for the InfoSec community. If you are interested in technology and security at all, it is worth checking Troy out.

Downloadable Content

Penny Arcade has been doing a lot in the last few years, largely on but the behind the scenes podcast is still going strong.

Above & Beyond: Group Therapy

Above and Beyond continue to provide the background music for any yard or house work that I end up having to do. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the chill vibes from the electronic music world... or get some work done. 🎧

New this year

Elite: Escape Velocity

From the world of Elite: Dangerous, set in the 33rd century Escape Velocity is a full cast audio scifi serial by Christopher Jarvis and The Radio Theatre Workshop. I think I blew through this in a weekend. I am anxiously waiting for Series 4.
Even if you aren't an Elite: Dangerous player check this out, I think the story still holds up. 🍸

Jason Scott Talks His Way Out of It

If you don't know Jason Scott I don't think I can do him justice in a short intro. A Free Range Archivist at the venerable Internet Archive, curator of software oddities, documentarian, textfiles enthusiast, DEFCON speaker, and now podcaster. Jason tells lots of stories on a weekly basis in an effort to educate, entertain and, get himself out of debt.


I can't believe I only started listening to this podcast this year. I was a massive The History of Rome fan and Mike Duncan is back at it with his dry wit, and silky voice dropping wonderful narrative history in a weekly(ish) podcast. Focused on the great revolutions of history this is worth a listen even if you aren't a history buff. I'll also toss a quick plug in for his book The Storm Before the Storm which I read, listened to (he narrates the Audible version so it is like getting a huge bonus episode of The History of Rome), and loved every minute of.

Risky Business

I stumbled across this at some point this year while hunting for more InfoSec content. It is a really informative and well produced weekly look into what is going on in the information security world. If you are in IT at all, this is worth a listen.

The Adventure Zone

Another one that I can't believe I started listening to this year. I blew through the back catalog in like 3 months and listen to each episode as soon as it comes out. I wrote a dedicated article earlier this year about it so go check that out if you want to know more.

The History of Byzantium

Robin Pierson decided to do something amazing. He took it upon himself to take up the mantle of Mike Duncan and pick up the story of the Romans where The History of Rome left off. Styled as the spiritual successor Robin has done a flat out amazing job. I'm currently only in the 10th century AD, furiously trying to catch up but this podcast truly lives up to the creator's intent. If you like history, listen to this.

The Pirate History Podcast

I think pirates are cool. I like to know things about the things that I think are cool. This was a recommendation from a friend and it has been so worth it. Give it a listen and get Matt Albers take you through the golden age of piracy. 🏴‍☠️

The Invisible Network

Last but not least, a podcast I found quite literally two days prior to writing this. I listened to all 6 episodes currently released in one sitting. A really lovely look behind the scenes on how NASA has and continues to work to bring humanity to the stars. Produced by the Space Communications and Navigation program office at NASA this is a must listen for all space geeks out there. 🚀


If a podcast wasn't listed here that was on the 2017 list it means I've stopped keeping up to date on it this year. Most likely because of the vast back catalogs of the new podcasts this year that I have been chewing through so don't take their absence as a negative review. I have something like 16GB of unlistened to episodes on my phone right now that I'm working my way through. The ones that are back this year are something special though.

Hopefully 2019 will be as filled with great podcast content as 2018. 🍻

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