Monitoring SnapVault in a vFiler on NetApp Data ONTAP (7-mode)_

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July 05, 2013 @13:28
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I provide BaaS (Backup as a Service) on a NetApp FAS2020 to a number of friends using a vFiler on the system that hosts my public virtual machines (such as the one that runs this particular website). This provides separation and allows me to delegate administration of the backup location to the users that actually consume this data. When it came time to monitor the vFiler though I found that check_nac (which I use to monitor my instance) does not have access to vFiler resources. It looks like this is a limitation of the SNMP agent so the solution was to use the wonderful NetApp Manageability API.

So I have previously written a Nagios plugin for Clustered Data ONTAP, which gave me the pieces I needed to build a plugin to check SnapVault secondary relationships inside a vFiler.

The result is that now the instance of Nagios that monitors my friend's IT infrastructure can monitor and alert on their own OSSV relationships.

I intend to clean it up a little and make it check other things (SnapMirror relationships, etc) in the future but I figured I would toss this out there in case someone else had this itch to scratch.

Find it in my git repository

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