Long solo cross country complete!_

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September 18, 2013 @21:39
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So when most people think about how they are going to spend a birthday they probably think about cake, cocktails, dinner, maybe presents. I thought a reasonable way to celebrate another year in the books was to complete a pretty major milestone in my flying career.

After the short solo cross country you have to complete a long one. Long meaning over 150NM with landings at 3 airports. I chose BGM (Binghamton, NY) and FZY (Oswego County).

Flight plan for Williamson-Sodus to Binghamton to
Oswego and back to Williamson-Sodus

With some fortune from the weather gods it was an ideal day for a hike across NY state by air. It really was the best birthday present I could have gotten myself.

Lake Ontario and Sodus Bay

It was smooth sailing, everyone was awesome. I'm not extremely pleased with several of the landings but all in all it was an experience to remember.


The obligatory landing and takeoff videos are up of KBGM... Landing Binghamton including taxi to parking and shutdown Departing runway 16 at Binghamton

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