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February 01, 2018 @11:13

I was headed back from the California Nebula last night in Elite: Dangerous to try to sneak in a few runs on the just finished community goal in the Wangal system. It was a little over 1000ly worth of travel... about 71 jumps in the old Type-6 to make it out of California Sector BV-Y c7. I had just found a non-human signal source in Aries Dark Region IM-V c2-15 and poked around a bit at the wreckage.

This looks ominous

One jump later, leaving Aries Dark Region QY-Q b5-4 I was yanked out of witchspace into Aries Dark Region VE-P b6-3. Sadly I ended up facing away from the Thargoid in a completely disabled ship and couldn't get turned around until it was about to jump away, so no chance to use the fancy new Xeno scanner.


Stay safe out there cmdrs.


EDSM route data

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