Four years with UniFi Video_

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September 26, 2021 @14:15

When I originally installed the UniFi Video system at the house I was pretty happy with it. While rudimentary it was remarkable in that it was a prosumer grade system that was able to run entirely on premises. I installed the controller application on the same VM that runs the UniFi controller for the networking system and was reasonably happy.

Fast forward a couple years and Ubiquiti decided to replace the UniFi Video software with what they are calling UniFi Protect. Sadly this product is far more consumer-grade than I'd like. Firstly it requires their NVR hardware now, drastically increasing the cost of the system. Secondly it requires a connection to their cloud platform, which is completely unacceptable. There are numerous topics on their forums bemoaning poor availabilty of their cloud platform, strange behavior of the app, and the general poor quality of the software as a whole.

I'm less and less happy with the Ubiquiti software ecosystem as time goes on and while the hardware remains good (and in the case of the cameras, they can be connected to other NVR software), it has gotten bad enough that when time comes to upgrade, I'll be looking at other vendors for both security cameras and WiFi equipment.

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