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September 06, 2021 @12:00

Today marks five years since I re-launched this site, built on the software that I wrote to generate the site from a collection of markdown files. The development started 4 days prior with this rather innocuous commit.

commit e3292246edcdbeeadb86ffcdd5bb70dc7dddecf7
Author: Matthew Ernisse <>
Date:   Fri Sep 2 16:45:37 2016 -0400

    initial checkin of new website

In the interim I've made 758 commits (not including the one that will post this article), written 116 articles comprised of over 13,000 lines, and served over 1,000,000 requests (I only started keeping traffic statistics in October of 2017). I've changed almost 50,000 lines across 605 files in the repository which weighs in at just under 475MB.

$ git diff --shortstat e3292246edcdbeeadb86ffcdd5bb70dc7dddecf7...HEAD
 605 files changed, 49875 insertions(+), 1196 deletions(-)
$ find . -type f -not -path ./.git\* -not -path \*.pyc | wc -l
$ du -sh .
474M    .

In total I have 2,400 lines of Python that generates all this nonsense.

$ find build -name \*.py | xargs wc -l
      77 build/mdx/
      51 build/mdx/
     122 build/mdx/
     217 build/mdx/
     285 build/mdx/
     274 build/mdx/
      94 build/mdx/
      88 build/mdx/
      79 build/mdx/
      65 build/filters/
      98 build/renderers/
      61 build/renderers/
      11 build/renderers/
     164 build/renderers/
      86 build/renderers/
     110 build/
      94 build/
     424 build/
    2400 total

I didn't want to leave the occasion completely un-marked so I figured some background statistics may be interesting. Finally, if you are wondering, here is a look at the timing metric dashboard.

Page load metrics

Here's to 5 more. 🍻

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