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January 23, 2023 @16:15

With all the hubub lately around ActivityPub and Mastodon I spent some time reconsidering keeping the blog and Thoughts standlone. As originally designed this website is meant to be my publishing platform. I wanted to force conversations to e-mail to select for more thoughtful, person-to-person interactions as opposed to the usual cesspool of spam and unhelpful characters that comment sections usually attract.

I still want that.

I publish RSS feeds for the blog and Thoughts to make it easy for folks to read what I publish because that's the part that I want to be easy. I think it might also be useful to be able to follow the things that I follow so I have started to publish a feed of feeds that is exported every night out of my RSS reader.

Hopefully there will be more ways in the future to follow interesting people and things without having to also opt-in to a constant stream of noise.

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