My Favorite Youtube Channels - 2017_

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September 30, 2017 @00:02

So I Heard You Like Videos

As a follow up to my Favorite Podcasts post, I figured I would talk a bit about my favorite Youtube channels. A while back I wrote a Flask app to take a bunch of different web services that I didn't feel like having accounts on and turning them into RSS feeds. In the case of Youtube I combine the RSS feeds of each channel into a single RSS feed that I subscribe to. This makes it a lot easier to keep up with the periodic deluge of videos without having to fool around with a bunch of bookmarks or having a Google account.

Top 10 12 uh, bunch?

I currently am following 26 channels, according to my app, and writing about all of them frankly sounds exhausting. I imagine reading all that would be pretty exhausting too, so here are a sampling of them in no particular order.


The OG Youtube electronics channel. The lord and savior of the tear down. That Aussie Bloke. There isn't a whole lot to say about Dave's channel that has not been said elsewhere, if you have any interest in electronics at all and you have somehow missed him I'd highly suggest you go review his channel and website. From circuit design, PC board layout, gear reviews, and random rants there is a bit of everything. I can't heap enough praise on this guy.


I hope you have a vice handy... you will need it. AvE is hard to pin down, home of the BoLTR and follower of our Lord and Savior of the tear down Chris is... a rare breed. Uncle Bumblefack seems to spend most of his time in his home shop showing the rest of us how much fun it can be to just chuck up some random scrap in your Boxford lathe and make chips. Not nearly as politically correct as This Old Tony or professional as Abom79 or beautiful as Clickspring his channel is a slice of life with a slightly oiled up bend to the left. Well worth the watch if you are in the market for some tools for your own shop, you will likely stay for the dose of fooling around and laughs.


I love Big Clive. He's kind of like Dave Jones from the EEVBlog if Dave happened to fall in with the carnival instead of designing circuit boards professionally before discovering Youtube. Clive tears things apart with gusto and builds random things out of LEDs and USB leads he got from the 1£ shop. Sometimes he plays with high voltage but not nearly to the level of mikeselectricstuff or tesla500, but lately he's been keeping it safer for those of us who like to follow along at home. Clive is a consummate professional scot, living on the Isle of Man and doing slightly dodgy things for our viewing pleasure. Did I mention that I loved this guy? For extra credit and a bit more digital electronic bend see also Julian Illet.

Scott Manley

Another scot, this one now living in the Bay Area. Probably most known for his Kerbal Space Program videos of which he has HOURS of. Scott takes his formal science background and uses it to do wonderful things in that game. I found him originally looking around at the aforementioned KSP videos and then later ran across him again looking for Elite: Dangerous videos. I was hooked and went through a large portion of his back catalog. If you ever wondered how rockets worked or why people keep talking about delta V when shooting things into space then you'll do worse than dropping by Scott's channel.

Penny Arcade TV

I'll admit, I really only watch for the Acquisitions Incorporated stuff these days since PA: The Series ended (worth a watch if you have not seen it). If you enjoy D&D and somehow have not come across this show guys then go. Go now. Seriously. I'll see you in something like 90 hours. Ok done? Great, go over to WoTC's channel and watch Dice Camera Action.

A Dose of Buckley

The second Canadian on my list, and the only comedy/rant channel. Buckley is sort of my sprit animal. He's mostly known for his 'Worst songs of...' videos but he has several different music and society themed rant series. I am particularly fond of Scumbags of the Internet.

Leo Moracchioli/Frog Leap Studios

Leo makes the most metal covers on YouTube. I can't put what he does in words and truly make you understand how great he is. The production value of both the audio and the video is fantastic. This guy is just absolutely killing it. Do your ears a favor and go spend 10 or 20 hours watching his stuff.

Ok, I'm done. You have your mission should you choose to accept it.

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