My Favorite Podcasts 2017 Edition_

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September 06, 2017 @17:20


I don't listen to a lot of podcasts these days, in fact most of the time I listen to either Sirius XM or my music collection that I've curated into iTunes over the years. There are some times when I'm in the mood for something different and these are the podcasts that I have been actually listening to this year.

In the order that they show up on my iPhone:

Darkest Night

One of a number of spooky/horror/thriller podcasts that I reach for, this is a bunch of seemingly un-related stories told through the memories of the dead. Really well written and produced with an interesting cast and plenty of strange and spooky tales. The episodes are short and consumable. Easy to jump into and catch up on.

King Falls AM

This was the first of the ``radio drama'' style podcasts that I found. A small town late-night radio show on a run-down AM radio station with a cast of characters, supernatural beings, and implied aliens borders on paranormal and slice of life comedy. This is one of the few that I'll listen to as they come out. 📻

The Christmas episode is hilarious and worth listening to on its own.

Suck Squeeze Bang Blow

A self-described 'Three guys, a garage' show, this is hosted by a bunch of folks that I happen to know. They usually mention cars but beers and general stream-of-consciousness arguments tend to veer all over the place. Not quite news, not quite politics, not quite cars, it is a weekly tirade by a bunch of guys in a garage.

Troy Hunt's Weekly Update Podcast

Troy Hunt is an Aussie bloke and the guy behind Have I Been Pwned. He generally writes about security and privacy in our ever more connected world. This is a podcast outlining the things he's been up to during the week. Sometimes he does this from a jetski. 🏄

Welcome To Night Vale

Similar to King Falls AM but a bit more fraught with psychological trauma and black bag government conspiracies. I am slowly working my way though the back catalog which is DEEP. If you end up liking King Falls AM, give this one a shot.

Downloadable Content

I like Penny Arcade, and backed the kickstarter for their podcast. Listen in on the two creators of the comic sit in their office and talk about insane things until out the other end comes one of their world-famous .jpegs. Each episode stands on their own so it is really easy to pick up and put down, ideal for driving in the car except for when it sucks you in and you find yourself sitting in the parking lot giggling. 👾

Lave Radio: an Elite Dangerous podcast

Live from an orange sidewinder somewhere outside of Lave Station this is a podcast about the open-galaxy space sim Elite: Dangerous. I play the game now and then and this podcast fits well in the background. o7 cmdrs. 🍸

Above & Beyond: Group Therapy

I used to listen to A State of Trance by Armin Van Buuren, but the podcast feed is just not a good replacement for the radio show. This is the next best thing. A lovely feed filled with two hour episodes of the music that the boys that are Above & Beyond are in to that week. This is my go to podcast for long drives, long walks, and mowing the lawn. It makes cutting nearly 2 acres really enjoyable. 🎧

I'd love to hear any suggestions of other podcasts to add to the stable, you can drop me a note at matt at going dash flying dot com


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