Dusting off some archived data._

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September 17, 2019 @09:24

ub3rgeek.net circa 2002 I registered my first domain name in 2001 (ub3rgeek.net) and though I had several of those dyndns style names for a few years prior that is where I put up my first blog. In 2015 I got tired of spelling out my e-mail address and got going-flying.com.

Over the years I have used several different blogging platforms, and the other day I found some of the backups from my most recent WordPress installation and set about importing some of those entries into this platform.

Commit old entries from WordPress git diff stats

It was interesting to read through those old posts. I found a bunch of random software I had written, a bunch of posts from when I still had time to take flying lessons, and some general complaining about computers and software.

Second leg of my long cross country

I went through the posts that I restored and updated the links and inlined media where I was able to. I ended up pointing some of the broken links to the Wayback Machine but some of the links are pointed to blog articles that I have not yet found copies of so I tried to make that clear. I only imported the posts that seemed to still have value, though I am tempted to go through and at least convert the others into the more modern markdown format that I use these days in case there is a reason in the future to refer to them.

As usual, if you find something broken please let me know.

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