Last word on my Arris SB8200 scraper_

June 03, 2021 @19:00

One of the more popular things that I have written in recent times is a small Python tool that gets statistics from an Arris SB8200 DOCSIS cable modem and sends them to InfluxDB. I then visualize this data in Grafana to keep an eye on the physical status of my cable Internet connection. This setup has happily chugged along since sometime in 2019, but sadly its time to put it all to bed.

The latest version is available here and I will continue to accept patches / updates via git send-email but I no longer have cable Internet, so I no longer can develop the software.

For the sake of the folks that may find this in the future looking for help, feel free to e-mail me, but there isn't a whole lot I can help with anymore. The last version of the Grafana dashboard is available here.

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