Apple continues to do radio controls wrong in iOS 11.2_

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Original: November 14, 2017 @13:09 Edited: November 14, 2017 @15:00

Screenshot from MacRumors I feel like I should explain why this irks me so. Apple just made a change so drastic in the functionality of their user interface (remember that Control Center is supposed to provide you with quick access to common functions from anywhere within the operating system) that they feel the need to present the user with a modal pop-up dialog box explaining why the user's understanding of the effect of the action that they just took is wrong.

This is antithetical to good design. The user interface shouldn't need a system native dialog box that pops up to apologize for itself. It should be self-explanatory. The user's intent is clearly to turn off the radio, but Apple has decided to redefine what they think the user wants and then drool all over themselves to try to be "transparent" about it.

Lets get back to the part where the UI did what the user actually wanted, that was nice.

Dear Apple, This shit is still just WRONG. Stop it. Whomever let this out the door in the first place is bad at their job. Whomever has let this fix out the door is also bad at their job. Yours Truly, Matt

I think I'm mad, largely because I'm afraid this is indicating the direction that Apple is heading and that I'm going to have to get off the ride. I really don't want to do that. Linux on the desktop and phone is still a really terrible user experience.

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