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January 01, 2023 @15:30

In keeping with the last two years here are the 10 most visited posts of the last year and a comparison to their performance in 2021.

The List!

10. Monitoring Windows 10 gaming performance with Grafana

▼ 2 (#8)

9. Replacing MRTG with Grafana, InfluxDB and Telegraf

▼ 5 (#4)

8. Strange rsync error on Synology DSM

▼ 6 (#2)

7. Discord in my IRC client

— (#7)

6. Arris Cable Modem Monitoring

— (#6)

5. Better ad blocking and safer DNS with unbound and CloudFlare

▼ 2 (#3)

3. Reset the BMC / IPMI password on a SUPERMICRO motherboard

▲ 7 (#10)

2. Docker and nftables gotchas

1. Upgrading Synology DSM From the Command Line

— (#1)

The top three in the list list (and number 1 being the most popular both previous years) re-affirms the popularity of "this is how I did a thing that I thought was interesting, or tricky" or I wrote this software in a fit of rage posts on this blog.

Most Popular Thought!

Oh please tell me The Onion actually filed this brief.  It is SO GOOD.  Go read it!

I shouldn't be surprised some epic level snark from The Onion was the most popular thought.

Best of wishes for 2023. 🥳

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