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January 01, 2022 @22:00

In keeping with last year, here are the 10 most visited posts as tracked by the metric collection system that I wrote in 2018.

10. Reset the BMC / IPMI password on a SUPERMICRO motherboard

9. OpenBSD on DigitalOcean

Down from 7 last year.

8. Monitoring Windows 10 gaming performance with Grafana

7. Discord in my IRC client

6. Arris Cable Modem Monitoring

Down from 3 last year.

5. Battling with the UART on my Raspberry Pi

Up from 6 last year.

4. Replacing MRTG with Grafana, InfluxDB and Telegraf

3. Better ad blocking and safer DNS with unbound and CloudFlare

Up from 4 last year.

2. Strange rsync error on Synology DSM

Both this and #1 were in the same position last year.

1. Upgrading Synology DSM From the Command Line

The list continues the popularity of "this is how I did a thing that I thought was interesting, or tricky" or I wrote this software in a fit of rage.

As a bonus, the most popular Thought was a musing on the new Apple Silicon MacBook Pro.

Not sure why Apple felt the need to bury the lede, but the Touch Bar is gone! I'll probably wait a few years and get one on the second hand market because let's face it, I'm not paying $2,499 for a laptop. I'd also like to save my eyes from the contrast-hostile macOS zone for as long as possible (one can hope that contrast comes back in vogue as the designers at Apple reach biological maturity...).

Best of wishes for 2022.

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