Top 10 posts of 2020_

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January 02, 2021 @20:37

It seems like top N lists are popular at the begining of the year so here are the 10 most visited posts as tracked by the metric collection system that I wrote in 2018.

10. Use your UniFi SSL certificate with UniFi Video

9. Monitoring my ADS-B receiver with collectd, InfluxDB, and Grafana

8. Protecting my macOS and iOS devices with an OpenBSD VPN

7. OpenBSD on DigitalOcean

6. Battling with the UART on my Raspberry Pi

5. Replacing MRTG with Grafana, InfluxDB and Telegraf

4. Better ad blocking and safer DNS with unbound and CloudFlare

3. Arris Cable Modem Monitoring

2. Strange rsync error on Synology DSM

1. Upgrading Synology DSM From the Command Line

It's funny how many of these are in the style of "this is how I did a thing that I thought was interesting, or tricky". I would guess the searchability of those are pretty darn high.

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