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Who I Am

I am a tinkerer, a teacher, an evangelist, a curmudgeon. I grew up in the BBS era, even running a few back in the bad old days. I went on to spend many years working deep in the reactor core of the Internet and survived. I still have a day job in technology but everything I say or do online is my own. I have never received any compensation for the words, photos, or videos that I have put out in the world. I don't maintain a social media presence, but you can always e-mail me. I have a GPG key with a fingerprint of DE195A6F962CE2A78A11187FC521F2524AE6BF32 if you are so inclined. For the curious here is a list of people, business, and causes I support.

Over the years and the various sites I have had up, starting with the almost mandatory GeoCities page I had back in the early 1990s I have dabbled in just about every possible way to put words on port 80 (now 443). These days this site is built with HTML fragments glued together with Jinja2, some lovingly handcrafted CSS that is merged together by a Makefile all written in vi and emacs. Images created by me on the site are mostly edited in Apple Preview, but sometimes when heavier lifting is required I will pull out Pixelmator. Videos are all run through Handbrake prior to publishing. All of this is then stored in a private, self-hosted git repository powered by gitolite. There is a small amount of JavaScript scattered about and while I wrote most of it, I do lean on the following fine projects for some functionality.

Everything served to your browser is static, and generated from their raw source files when I change them by a little bit of bespoke POSIX-compliant Bourne shell and some Python with help from these fine modules.


All original content other than source code contained herein is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license unless otherwise stated. Source code is released under the Simplified BSD license unless otherwise specified in the source files. This includes the JavaScript used in presenting this site to you.

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